Our vision

Zero risk, sustainable profit.

Our vision is to create a constantly growing investment fund in order to earn profit for our investors. We aim at financing development projects in the Baltic states, Scaninavia and elsewhere. 

The diverse portfolio helps our investors to diffuse risks and create a sustainable profit. The directions of development projects are the sale of residential real estate, rental market and also public sector care institutions for grown-ups with special needs. 

Project development takes place in different countries due to which economic fluctuations in one state have minimum effect on the investment.  The plan is to grow into a company holding a significant share of it’s segment in Europe. 

Our goal is to create sustainable, environment-friendly and well-considered residential spaces which guarantee success on the market. 

How do we plan to achieve that?

Above all, our plan is to build development projects mainly located in Sweden and intended for sale.

Development projects intended for sale are above all for quick capital growth.

The scale of projects is different and varies from 10-30 million euros but also bigger projects in the range of 50 to 300 million euros.

Larger projects involve residential buildings with 700 up to 800 apartments with building rights and multi-stage developments.

Even bigger developments are in the stage of planning.

We have excellent agreements with cooperation partners in great development areas.

The construction of rental houses and apartments has been planned as the next bigger undertaking.

There is a constant shortage of rental apartments in the entire Scandinavia and the Baltic states. The situation is especially interesting in the Baltic states as there is no common system.

Rental apartments are in the ownership of private persons and the construction and ownership of rental apartments is missing.

Approximately 15 000 to 20 000 units are missing in total for the entire Baltic states and a demand is constantly growing.

The shortage in Scandinavia is several times bigger. For instance, the waiting list for rental apartments in several major cities in Sweden is 12-16 years to receive an apartment.

The possibilities of young people to obtain a loan are restricted due to the high and complex demands of banks which cannot be met and real estate prices are also increasing which makes the acquisition of a home very expensive for young people.

A plan is also to build care homes and residences for grown-ups with special needs in Sweden.

The plan is to build them for sale but also for rental premises.

The shortage is immense and the state and municipalities have the obligation to provide assistance and a residence for grown-ups with special needs and therefore they rent both apartments and houses from the public sector.

Due to the high demand the rental prices are also times bigger than the market prices.

With sufficient capital growth we intend to move forward to other real estate markets in Europe – Norway, Holland, Spain and Portugal.

In the given states the real estate markets are constantly growing and developing. The development direction remains the same – sales and rental market.